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JenEvents will make sure that your day is just that - your day. Our goal is for you to be able to enjoy every minute of it without having to worry about anything. Whether it is one month or one year from your special day, JenEvents will be there for you every step of the way. From designing invitations, to researching vendors, to creating your DIY projects, we will help in any way we can. We at JenEvents believe in building a great relationship with our clients to make them feel at ease when relying on us. We offer three different packages that can be customized to the client. 

Day-of Coordination

The day-of coordination package is for the clients that envision planning their own wedding from start to finish. They enjoy doing the research and coordinating their details up until my services come into play. Here are some things this package takes care of:

  • Three face-to-face meetings prior to the wedding day (details meeting, final walk through at the venue, and rehearsal)

  • Unlimited phone calls, emails, and text messages

  • Providing a list of preferred vendors

  • Attend the final walk through at the venue

  • Create timeline for wedding day

  • Choreograph rehearsal

  • Contact and coordinate all wedding vendors one month prior to the wedding day

  • Arrive at venue early to supervise the set-up of ceremony and reception

  • Make sure all vendor contracts are fulfilled

  • Set-up all personal items (ie. favors, menus, programs, signs, etc.)

  • Orchestrate ceremony and reception

  • Collect items to be put in appointed vehicle/room at the end of the event

  • Coordination team for up to ten hours on the wedding day

Partial Planning

The partial planning package is for any clients that have booked their venue, possibly a vendor or two, but is now stuck in a rut. Your full time job has gotten really busy, you have a busy social calendar, you have a family, or if you just don't want to do the leg work of searching for vendors anymore. Whatever the reasoning may be, we can help! In addition to the tasks listed in the day-of coordination package, we will also do the following:

  • Five face-to-face meetings prior to the wedding day (details meeting, final walk through at the venue, rehearsal, and two additional meetings)

  • Meet with clients to understand their style

  • Review and assist with vendor contracts

  • Provide quotes for the remaining vendors

  • Look over vendor contracts to ensure all payments are made on time

  • Be the liaison between the vendor and the clients

  • Coordination team for up to twelve hours on the wedding day

Full Service Planning

The full service package is exactly what you think. All out planning from start to finish! By the end of it all, we will be best friends! The full service planning package is for the type of clients who has a vision of the big day but doesn't know where to start. This package encompasses everything that the day-of coordination package and the partial planning package has to offer as well as the following items:

  • Determine and prepare budget

  • Research and get quotes from venues and vendors based on style and budget

  • Setting up vendor meetings

  • Assist with every detail of the wedding

  • Design and event styling

  • Coordination team for up to fifteen hours on the wedding day

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